Serving Up a Slice of Peace: Vegan Pizza Recipe

I call it the ultimate peacemaker and not just because no living creatures were harmed in the making of it. These days, the people in our lives bring a wide spectrum of mindsets to the dinner table, and sometimes these differing perspectives can lead to a food-fight (metaphorically speaking, I hope!). Attempting to gather our friends who aim solely to satisfy their taste buds, who are extremely health conscious, and who have ethical views that create many dietary restrictions around a single meal is a challenge and can often result in unpleasant (to say the least) conversation and feelings. Well, wave the white flag, because this pizza, tasty, “green,” and ethically-friendly, is a cease-fire between the diverse diets of our friends and family members. Dinner guests won’t have time to disagree about what constitutes a “normal,” healthy, or ethical diet because they will be too busy agreeing on the deliciousness of the meal in front of them! Sigh…if only all of the world’s disputes could be solved by some veggies and a pizza cutter.


Vegan Pizza (Makes two 12” Pizza Crusts)


Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Organic Whole Wheat Pizza Crust (My mom, dad, and brother are vegan, so this crust was a huge find! After hunting all over grocery stores, my family finally found a pizza crust that is 100% vegan. Thank you, Whole Foods!)

[For Bruschetta topping]

6 tsp. Olive Oil

2 Large Ripe Tomatoes (Diced)

2/3 Large Onion (Diced)

2 tbsp. Fresh Chives

2 tbsp. Fresh Basil

2 tbsp. Fresh Cilantro

2 Clove Garlic (Minced)-I just used 1 tsp. of minced garlic from a jar

2 tbsp. Fresh Lemon Juice

[Pizza Toppings]

Olive Oil

Whatever vegetables and spices your little heart desires/whatever you have in your kitchen! I topped my pizza with green peppers, broccoli, black olives (sliced), and seitan. I also have used artichoke hearts and mushrooms in the past.



1. Preheat oven to 400 °F

2. Mix bruschetta ingredients in bowl

3. Lightly brush pizza with olive oil

4. Evenly spread bruschetta on pizza crusts

5. Load on those toppings! This is your chance to get creative. I hated the labs I was required to complete last year in college, but this kind of experimenting is right up my alley! Too bad Pizza Topping 101 didn’t fulfill my Science requirement L

**If using a “juicier” toppings, like jarred artichoke hearts, sprinkle some of the oil from the jar on the pizza. If your toppings are not particularly juicy, drizzle olive oil on top of the pizzas before popping them in the oven. The last thing you want is a dry pizza.

6. Don’t forget the crucial final step: Spice it up! Meat and cheese are what gives a “traditional” pizza much of its flavor, so we are counting on spices to accomplish this. I used black pepper, oregano, and red pepper flakes, but get creative during your spice sesh! The best part about this pizza is that is will turn out a little bit different every time you make it!

7. Enjoy! Would you like a side of peace along with your pizza?



What toppings and spices did you experiment with? Share your peaceful pizza creations in the comment section!




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