Pittsburgh Riverboat Tour

My family moved to the Pittsburgh area a little over a year ago. Because I attend college on the other side of the state, I only get to “The Burgh” during school breaks. I took a few days off from work this summer to visit the fam, so we decided to spend the day doing something new and exciting in the city.

Station Square is located along the shoreline of the Monongahela River and is easily one of the hottest places in Pittsburgh for dining, entertainment, and nightlife. One of Station Square’s attractions is the Gateway Clipper Fleet, which offers a one-hour sightseeing riverboat tour of the city. On a sunny summer day, my family and I boarded “The Duchess” and launched onto the Monongahela, excited to experience Pittsburgh in a brand new way with our tour-guide, Sean (who totally thought he was a pirate).

The riverboat tour was the perfect way for my family to get to know our new city better (Did you know Pittsburgh is the City of Bridges? At 446, its bridge count is the greatest in the world! Take that, Venice!). Spending time in Station Square and enjoying an hour on the water made for a wonderful afternoon. If you live around Pittsburgh or are ever in the area, a visit to Station Square and a Gateway Clipper Fleet riverboat tour with family, your special someone, or a group of friends, is a must do!


Just call me, “The Duchess”

Pittsburgh's Original Skyline

Pittsburgh’s Original Skyline

One of Pittsburgh's 446 Bridges

One of Pittsburgh’s 446 Bridges

Falling in Love with This City :)

Falling in Love with This City 🙂


Burghers, what should my family’s next Pittsburgh adventure be? Leave a comment with your suggestions!


4 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Riverboat Tour

  1. Vegan pizza and cruising on the river happen to be two of my favorite things. Nice to have you home! Looking forward to future blogs! Good luck with everything!


  2. Dang, I learned some things about Pittsburgh in this post! Brian will be happy to hear about the bridges. He’s fascinated by them and loves taking photos of them. Can’t wait to play with you in Pittsburgh over Christmas 🙂


  3. Pittsburgh seems like a fascinating city– many beautiful views of the city from the pictures you took from the river– did not know about all those bridges- amazing– can not wait to visit!


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