She Moves in Her Own Way: Summer Concert Outfit


Last night, my boyfriend and I saw one of our favorite bands, The Kooks, at New York City’s Webster Hall. The concert was amazing!! The Kooks are an incredible band to experience live, and we were super happy they played all of our favorite songs! I highly recommend seeing a show at Webster Hall; it’s an awesome venue.

When dressing for a concert, there is one thing I always keep in mind: comfort. Concerts are all about the music. Who wants to be bothered by painful shoes or spend the night fidgeting with clothing? (Not this girl). Basically, if an outfit doesn’t allow me to comfortably jump around and enjoy myself, I am not wearing it.

Sleeveless tops are always a good call because they will help you stay cool in the crowd. I threw my favorite denim vest over a tank to add some flare to the outfit without making it too heavy. Closed-toed shoes are a necessity and saved me from painful post-concert injuries from the several times my feet were stepped on. I went with a pair of plaid Converse (similar) because they are both comfy and classic. I also always leave my hair down for concerts so that I’m free to whip it around as I please, but that could just be me 🙂


What concerts are you hitting this summer? Let me know in the comment section below!



4 thoughts on “She Moves in Her Own Way: Summer Concert Outfit

  1. First of all…, love, love your outfit! I am definitely getting a pair of converse this week and love the plaid. Secondly, I don’t know The Kooks or Webster Hall but your enthusiasm def makes me want to check them both out. And lastly, I am going to see ZZ Top and Jeff Beck this summer. Maybe I will see Cosmic Charlie there….lol!


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