Secret Santa Gift Ideas (Under $30!)

Secret Santa

Monogram Votive Candle/Posy Bib Necklace/Monogram Mug/Cloud Spike Stretch Necklace/Printed Corkscrew/Kate Spade Knee High Socks/Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Gift Set

It’s the busiest most wonderful time of the year! Some of my favorite things—Christmas music, pretty lights, and the spirit of giving—happen during this season. But this season also brings a plethora of projects, papers, and of course, final exams.

On top of a jam-packed schedule, gift giving can seem like a full-time job, especially when you are shopping for someone you really care about! Secret Santa gift exchanges are a great way to reduce the number of gifts you have to buy for your loved ones, saving both money and time (amen!). I am in a couple of Secret Santa exchanges myself and know that even finding one gift (instead of 5, 10, or 20) can be a challenge, so I put together a collection of great Secret Santa gifts, all under $30!


Happy giving!! 🙂


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