Throw Caution to the Wind

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Taking a risk is scary. There is no doubt about it. Gathering your reservations, worries, and cautious anxieties into a bundle and throwing it into the wind, knowing you can’t get it back, is never easy. But in many circumstances, it’s worth it. I’m not talking about risks like standing in the middle of train tracks (don’t worry, we kept an alert eye on both sides at all times during this shoot!!) or wearing high heels during an ice storm. The risks that are worth taking are the ones force us out of our daily routine and comfort zone. They introduce us to new places, new people, and new ways of viewing the world. These risks bring out parts of ourselves that we never knew existed, because we haven’t needed them yet.

Being a risk-taker doesn’t mean you live a risky life; it means you weigh the opportunity for growth and excitement as being more important than fear. This is the mindset I am adopting as I prepare to take on my newest risk: studying abroad in Rome. I have never been out of the United States, so just the idea of an overseas flight is enough to give me butterflies! Add to that a new city, a new language, a new apartment, new classes, and a new internship, and this experience definitely qualifies as somewhat terrifying. Everyday, I am feeling more and more ready to take on this risk, but for now, I’ll just stand in the middle of these train tracks (freezing my buns off!) in this amazing hat and cardigan from Forever 21. Come on, people…Rome wasn’t built in a day 😉

I would love any packing or studying abroad tips, as well as recommendations for places to go in Rome! Feel free to share your knowledge with me!



Forever 21 Hat/Forever 21 Cardigan/Pac Sun Tee/American Eagle Jeans/Boots


15 thoughts on “Throw Caution to the Wind

  1. I love love love your outfit!
    Congrats on being able to study in Rome. I’ll be applying to study abroad in the UK sometime this year! I don’t have any tips, but make sure to blog and capture the moment of it all while having fun! I’d love to follow through your blog!

    – Ana ( ❤


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