And We’re (Almost) Off!

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Hello, lovely people! Today’s post is dedicated to the super exciting journey I am about to embark on…spending 4 months in Rome!! This experience means a couple things for The Pace…

  1. Time for a makeover! Those of you who have hung out with me on The Pace before might notice it looks a little different. I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to spice up the blog with a brand new look.
  2. A new section…travel! So far, I have focused on blogging about style, health, and fitness, but starting now, The Pace will also be a travel blog! Get ready for posts about study abroad experiences, weekend trips exploring Europe, and tons of pictures.

But before I hop onto the plane and begin this journey, let’s get something straight…why am I going to Rome? (other than the obvious answer, why not?!!) I am spending a semester studying abroad at Roma Tre in Italy. I will be taking classes and doing a Public Relations and Media internship at the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Social Communication, which is basically a long way of saying, I will be working on the Vatican’s social media accounts. I have wanted this internship for years (even before I even got accepted to Villanova!) and after all of the applying, planning, and packing, I am only a few days away from departure, and the feeling is unreal.

I really don’t know what to expect as I prepare to leave the country I have lived in for my entire 21 years, but I know the experience is going to be one I will never forget. Check back soon for my first post from Italy (gaaah, can’t believe I’m actually typing that!) and be sure to follow me on Instagram at @tatumerinmurray for a plethora of pasta and gelato pics 🙂





2 thoughts on “And We’re (Almost) Off!

  1. Such an EXCITING time for you!!!! So proud of your independence and desire to explore the world! Just never forget where you came from because I know a few people that would miss you if you decided to stay in Italy…lol! Can’t wait to see your posts and pics on Instagram. Safe travels! Have a wonderful time!


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