Not Just a Tourist

My internship at the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Communication starts in just under two weeks, and I am so excited. Today, the other interns and I did a trial run on the metro to our offices to make sure we weren’t totally lost on the first day. As we walked toward the Vatican, we were stopped a dozen times by men and women trying to sell us umbrellas and ‘fast passes’ into all the Vatican has to offer. I guess my blonde hair and my friends’ bright raincoats and American brand backpacks are dead giveaways of our origin. Today, as I stood staring in awe at St. Peter’s Basilica, taking pictures, and brainstorming Instagram captions (can’t help myself, sorry…), I did feel like a tourist. But this stunning view isn’t just something I will see once and only remember from the pictures—this is my commute to work every day. So I think that qualifies me as something a little more than just a tourist 🙂

Speaking of being a tourist, I have been in Rome for a week now, which means, it’s time to start planning trips!! I have ideas of places I want to travel to, but there is so much to see and too little time (and moola) to do it all. What cities would you recommend I visit during my semester in Europe? Help a girl narrow this continent down to a few amazing destinations (if that is even possible!)

The Vatican | The Pace

My morning commute

The Vatican | The Pace

View from right outside our office

The Vatican | The Pace

Vatican interns!! (can you tell we are excited?)


Baci baci (kisses, kisses!),



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