Last weekend was a pretty exciting one for me, because it was my first time traveling since arriving in Europe! Florence was a great destination for my first venture out of Rome…small, easy to navigate, and totally adorable.

I think we maintained a good balance between doing ‘touristy’ things and creating our own experience in a new city. We saw Michelangelo’s David along with many other beautiful sculptures and artwork, climbed the bell tower (#tbt to 400+steps and major claustrophobia), and visited the Duomo. Other than that, we spent time wandering around the city, seeing what it has to offer beyond the tourist attractions. These journeys brought us to some amazing food (including a panino literally the size of my face), a chocolate festival with free samples (amen!), and good times exploring the city’s nightlife.

If you are in Italy or anywhere in Europe, I definitely recommend visiting Florence. Everything is walk-able so getting around is easy and not overwhelming, the food is wonderful, and the scenery is gorgeous.

After this amazing weekend, I am even more exciting to continue traveling around Italy and Europe. Next stop…Milan!

Florence | The Pace

The Duomo

Florence | The Pace

View from the top of the bell tower

Florence | The Pace

Waiting in line to see Michelangelo’s David

Florence | The Pace

Panino as big as my face

Florence | The Pace

View from the top of the bell tower


Baci baci (kisses, kisses!),


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