Better When We’re Together

My experience in Rome and traveling through Europe has made for the best three months of my life. However, at every beautiful sight I saw, at each new place I visited, and during every incredible meal, a thought constantly remained on my mind…I wish Eric could be experiencing this with me. Eric is my boyfriend and my best friend, and all around, the best person in the world, so when he finally arrived in Rome this past Saturday (after he traveled for over 24 hours and dealt with lost luggage), I was easily the happiest girl in the Mediterranean. 🙂

By Sunday afternoon, Eric had his luggage (yay!) and our time in Rome could officially begin. Our week together was absolutely perfect, and the weather was gorgeous. We embraced the “touristy” part of the city, but I also showed him around Garbatella, the part of Rome I have come to call home. To fuel up for all of our adventures, we made sure to eat all of the Italian food and wine that our bodies could handle (and then some…).

Rome has treated me so well for the past three months, but Eric’s visit here showed me beauty in this city that I have never seen before. Like Jack Johnson sings, “it’s always better when we’re together.”

IMG_8371 IMG_8373 IMG_8375_2 IMG_8376IMG_8385IMG_8383IMG_8386_2IMG_8393_2IMG_8398_2IMG_8415IMG_8427IMG_8430IMG_8438IMG_8442IMG_8446

P.S. If you are drooling over this food (like we did), the restaurants we visited (in order) were La Romana (gelateria), Marco G, Osteria dell’Anima (famous for its pear pasta), Verde Pistacchio (great vegan and vegetarian options), and Osteria Barberini (famous for truffles). They were all amazing, and I highly recommend each one!

And to clarify, I promise I do more than just eat here (hehe 😉 )

Baci, baci,




This past weekend has been in my planner since the very beginning of my semester abroad…my trip to Paris! The capital of France has many names and a great deal of significance…”La Ville Lumière” (the city of light), a major fashion capital of the world, and home to some of the world’s most famous art and sweetest treats. I found all of these things to be true about this incredible city, but Paris become something even more to me during my short stay there. For me, my weekend in Paris was a weekend of gratitude and appreciation.

This weekend, in addition to many other sights, I saw the Mona Lisa and the Eiffel Tower. These are things I have seen photos of and heard about for as long as I can remember. But never did I imagine that I would someday have the opportunity to see them for myself. In these moments, I was struck by gratitude and appreciation for this experience and the family who made it all possible.

Without my parents sacrifices and support and my grandparents generosity and encouragement, I would not have been able to see these world treasures first hand. I would not have been able to spend a weekend in Paris indulging my sweet tooth with macaroons from the famous Ladurée and Pierre Hermé and the best hot chocolate I have ever had at Angelina’s. I wouldn’t have been able to visit the Louvre (one of the world’s largest museums), the Notre Dame, the Palais Garnier (the opera house where the Phantom of the Opera was filmed), or the Arc de Triomphe.

This trip was by no means perfect. I spent seven hours in Rome Fiumicino Airport thanks to a very inconvenient flight delay and then was a bit nervous navigating the Paris metro and city’s streets after midnight in search of my hotel. But I am not thankful for this weekend because it was flawless; I am thankful because it happened. Not everyone gets to visit Paris. Not everyone gets to travel to Europe. Not everyone gets to spend an entire semester abroad. I know I am so blessed to be where I am, and I know my family is the only reason I am here.

Paris may have the unfortunate stereotype of being filled with rude and extremely wealthy people, but that’s not what I got from it. I got a big serving of thankfulness alongside my order of escargot…which I decided pescetarians are allowed to eat…or at least this one is 😉

notredame IMG_8254operaIMG_8263 IMG_8266 IMG_8265eiffeltower1 eiffeltowerIMG_8327

 And to continue with this post’s theme of gratitude…thank you for reading!

Baci, baci (kisses, kisses),


Spring Break

Last Friday, I left Rome with four friends, one backpack, and an itinerary that would take me to five European cities. A week later, I returned to Rome with 5 different currencies in my wallet, a tremendous desire to do laundry, and countless memories that will last me a lifetime. My Spring Break journey was a roller coaster of a ride, to say the least; I went from being freezing in Helsinki one day to sweating buckets in Dubrovnik the next, I fell asleep in every city I visited (in bars, airports, and every possible form of public transportation), I experienced my strongest desire to eat meat, after two years of being vegetarian, in the markets of Budapest and Prague (I survived, meat free!), and I finally had a feel of what it’s like to not be in the minority hair group in Stockholm. If that introduction intrigued you (or maybe just confused you about how the heck I spent the past week), read on to learn more about my Spring Break travels!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest doesn’t attract tourists like Paris or London, but it is definitely an up-and-coming travel destination. I was interested to see what this city, that received raving reviews from my friends who had visited and that earned the title of the popular George Ezra song, was all about. Fortunately, our 2-day stay in Budapest was the perfect amount of time to accomplish this!

First things first, Budapest was not always one and used to be two separate cities, Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube River. Now, the two cities are one, connected by bridges such as the Chain Bridge, but are still referred to as their respective names. On Day 1, we explored Buda. The Buda Castle and the Fishermen’s Bastion, the major attractions in this section, are both up on a hill, so we saw amazing views as we made our way down this side of the river.

IMG_7805 IMG_7810_211040832_10205483022906978_8845529632388842406_n IMG_7807_2IMG_7815_2

The wind that day was strong and relentless so after a few hours in it, we decided to retreat to an underground, wind-free tourist attraction: the Labyrinth. This was one of the more interesting parts of our journey, although, we’re still not sure if this Labyrinth was an opera museum (complete with music and wax figures in costumes), a ghost chasing adventure, or a historical tour of where Dracula was imprisoned. Our conclusion was that it was a mix of all three, plus a perfect way to spend an hour before dinner at Pest BudaIMG_7832_2 IMG_7836

The highlight of Day 2, which is also a highlight of the entire week, was our time spent in the natural thermal baths, made possible by the thermal springs Budapest sits on top of. The baths were unreal: the only way I can describe them is as a pool-sized hot tub full of old men playing chess, bachelor parties in matching swimming trunks, and my friends and I having the time of our lives.

IMG_7870 IMG_7871

Our last day in Budapest couldn’t have ended on a better note. We found an authentic Hungarian restaurant where we dined like kings on the budget of peasants. If you are ever in Budapest, I recommend Pipa Etterem for an authentic meal at an awesome price!

Prague, Czech Republic

I traveled with four other friends and we went to five cities, so we decided to each become an “expert” of one of the cities. We were in charge of researching sights to see, restaurants to go to, traditional food to try, and even some of the city’s history. Prague was my city, so by Day 3, I was in tour guide mode! It was a rainy day, but even through the clouds and rain, I found Prague absolutely adorable and charming; it was love at first sight! We arrived in early evening, so we had time to explore Old Town Square before heading to dinner. I had read great reviews about an authentic Czech restaurant with great prices and amazing food that was full of locals: U Rudolfina. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to have our first dining experience in Prague! The beer (Pilsner Urquell, of course) was the perfect pair to my Czech potato pancake and my friends’ Prague Feasts. We were all so full that it hurt to take another bite, but we couldn’t leave even a bite on our plates because the food was so good.

IMG_7921 IMG_7922_2 IMG_7941_2

Day 4 was absolutely gorgeous! We went to the John Lennon Wall for countless photo ops, read thousands of messages from past visitors, and left our own mark. We then went to the Prague Castle and toured its most famous sites, including the St. Vitus Cathedral and the Old Royal Palace. After touring the castle, we took time to just stop and appreciate the beauty of the city. I think finding the balance between hitting as many tourist attractions as possible and taking time to just “take in” your surroundings is such an important part of traveling.

Our morning and afternoon adventures involved a lot of stairs, so needless to say, we had worked up an appetite. Enter…the most amazing thing I have ever eaten in my entire life: “grill cheese” from Old Town Square. This heavenly treat is literally a grilled piece of cheese on top of bread and topped with jam. Whoever invented it should be sainted.

IMG_7961 IMG_7970 10469463_10206446558187503_438656700948216738_n 11083654_10205488507924100_2026383349352242793_nIMG_7993_2 IMG_7998_2 IMG_7999

Of course, our last day in Prague wouldn’t be complete without a stop to the Prague Beer Museum. A “museum” that involves sitting with friends and trying tasters of the pub’s 30 beers on tap is my kind of museum 😉 As if this day could get any better, I ended it by discovering my new favorite bar in the world. Hemingway Bar is had an incredible, sophisticated atmosphere, servers that made us feel like princesses, and drinks that topped anything I have ever had.

Stockholm, Sweden

For one glorious day in Stockholm, I was finally not part of a hair minority group! I actually have zero Swedish blood in me, but as I walked around and saw blondes everywhere, I felt that I belonged! We only had a day in the city (Day 5), so we set out to explore as much as we could. Stockholm is not very touristy like the previous cities we visited, so the experience was much different than the first several days of our Spring Break. We climbed up to a lookout that gave us incredible views of the city, went to one of the world’s most famous hot chocolate cafes, Chokladkoppen, awed over the artwork that decorates many of the metro stations, and had an amazing dinner at a trendy restaurant, Nytorget 6. I loved our time in Stockholm, because without a long list of tourist attractions to see, we were able to focus on experiencing and observing the hip and trendy capital of Sweden.

IMG_8045IMG_8063 IMG_8076IMG_8087 IMG_8089_2 IMG_8083


Helsinki, Finland

During the 6 hours of Day 6 we spent in Helsinki, I may or may not have said: “If someone hated me, they would send me to Helsinki and never let me leave.” Okay, so maybe that was a tad too dramatic, but I am not the biggest fan of the cold and this city puts the C in COLD. The temperature aside, I thought Helsinki was a pretty cool city. We ate in one of the cutest cafes I have ever been too, Café Engel, and we popped in and out of adorable shops. I probably won’t make a huge effort to ever return to Helsinki, but I did enjoy my time there…well, I enjoyed my time spent indoors 😉

IMG_8112_2 IMG_8109 IMG_8111_2

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Breathtaking is the best way to describe this city. The water is piercing blue and crystal clear and the views are absolutely stunning. On Day 7, we walked along the walls that surround Dubrovnik’s Old Town and had to stop every five seconds to stare at the beauty that was around us. We were blessed with an absolutely beautiful day, without a cloud in the sky, which we very warmly welcomed after freezing our booties off in Helsinki. From going on a run alongside the water, to sweating as we climbed up and down hundreds of stairs trying to find the best beach, to finally lying on the sand in my swimsuit, this was the perfect ending to my Spring Break adventure.

IMG_8124 IMG_8133_2 IMG_8135_2 IMG_8150

Never did I imagine I would have the opportunity to travel to these places. I am so thankful for this experience, the amazing friends I traveled with, and my family back at home whose love and support is the only way this trip was able to happen. I officially have caught the travel bug, and I love it.


 Peace and love,