The Amalfi Coast

My trip to the Amalfi Coast was different than any of my weekend adventures outside of Rome. During this semester, my weekends were full of hours upon hours in airports, days where my only sleep occurred on modes of transportation or on chairs in airports, and countless miles on foot as I attempted to see and do as much as possible during my limited time in each city. Don’t get me wrong…those weekends were absolutely incredible—some of the best of my life—but for my final trip of the semester, I wanted something a bit more relaxing. With breathtaking views, gorgeous beaches, and natural wonders, the Amalfi Coast was just what I had been dreaming of…and more!

Day 1 of the weekend was spent in Positano. This gorgeous town on the coast is known for a hill of adorable houses and its black sand beaches. With ice cold Peroni’s and sunscreen in hand, my friends and I set out to the beach where we soaked up the sun, laughed, played games, and drank tropical drinks all day long. This was the relaxation all of those hours spent on my feet and in airports were building up to, and it felt amazing. That night, we went into the center of Sorrento. We had dinner at Pizzeria Aurora, where I had the best pizza I have had so far in Italy. Then, we went to an outdoor beer garden, where we danced the night away. This day was the definition of my perfect day. Sun, friends, food, and dancing…what more could a girl ask for?

IMG_8706_2 IMG_8707IMG_8644IMG_8726IMG_865510665997_10206698200598406_5778791124022122158_nIMG_8714_2

On Day 2, we took a ferry into Capri and then hopped onto smaller boats for a tour of the island. First stop: The Blue Grotto, one of the natural wonders of Europe. To enter the illuminated cave, we had to get into small rowboats and lay down, while a sailor on the boat pulled us into the grotto with a string. I was a bit scared of not making it through the cave’s tiny hole, but once inside the grotto, my only emotion was amazement at the naturally illuminated blue water surrounding me. Back inside the boat, we continued to tour the island, taking in the world’s beauty at every turn.

IMG_8668_2 IMG_8665_211209421_10206538537126629_9007770607533345009_n IMG_8708_2 IMG_8709 IMG_8710_2

After the boat tour, we explored the island on foot—but not for long. After enjoying an amazing shrimp pasta dish in creamy lemon sauce at Le Arcate, we headed to the chairlift that brought us up to the very top of the mountain, giving the most incredible views I have ever seen. Breathtaking is the only world suitable for an experience like this one.

11182156_10206538533446537_4940109645078693563_n IMG_8687 10458433_10206538531406486_3187975782636458572_n IMG_8711 IMG_8713

On the last day of the long weekend, we visited Pompeii. We didn’t have any type of guided or audio tour, so it was difficult to know exactly what we were looking at. To anyone visiting Pompeii, I recommend participating in some type of tour so that you can best understand what is around you. Regardless, it was very neat to look at the ruins and think about the history of the famous city.

IMG_8718_2 IMG_8722

I was extra sad for this weekend to come to an end, because as Sunday came to a close, so did my long list of weekend trips. I couldn’t have chosen a better trip to finish off the semester with. Sunshine, great friends, countless laughs, and stunning nature made a weekend I will never forget.


Baci, baci (kisses, kisses),





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