It’s Poppin’

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Black is my favorite color. What’s not to love? It looks good on everyone, it’s hard to stain (that gets a huge “amen!” from this clumsy girl), and it works in almost every situation (work, dates, going out, etc…). But even this black-obsessed gal knows that the summer calls for a little pop of color to spice up the “all-black-everything” look.

Enter, this hot pink bag from Aoki Boutique. Usually, I stick with neutrals when it comes to bags, but this vibrant color caught my eye right away, and I knew it would be perfect for adding some excitement to an outfit.

Speaking of excitement…let’s talk about this 9-5 life. I’ve only been living it for a couple of weeks, but already am feeling how draining and monotonous it could become (which I obviously refuse to let happen). To keep things interesting and fun, I look for ways to add excitement to my week, whether it be an after-work happy hour with my boyfriend, an episode (or four) of Girls (my new favorite show…soooo obsessed!), or cooking an awesome healthy dinner.

How do you bring excitement to your outfits and life? Share in the comment section below!

Who Run the World?

Who Run the World | The Pace Who Run the World | The PaceWho Run the World | The Pace Who Run the World | The Pace Who Run the World | The Pace I’ve always been a girl-power kinda gal, but lately, I have been especially inspired by my fellow sistas. This summer has brought two new (amazing!) things to my life: interning at Comcast and living in Philadelphia. So far, as I go through life this summer, I continue to be amazed and inspired by the incredible women surrounding me.

First, the Comcast Center is 56 floors of kick-butt women. These women are intelligent, innovative, and creative. I now have hundreds of role models around me every single day–talk about motivation!

Outside of the Comcast Center, Philly is full of other super women, like Alina from Aoki Boutique! Alina combines her passion for fashion and her business-savvy mind to run her adorable boutique on 22nd street. If you live in Philly, you have to check this place out! If not, don’t worry…you can always shop here!

This shirt, from Aoki, is the perfect pair to the inspiration and female empowerment that I just can’t get enough of this summer! It’s intricate and beautiful, with just the right amount of glitz that leaves me ready to take on, well…the world 😉



Shirt c/o Aoki Boutique/American Eagle Jeans

Back to Basics

Back to Basics | The Pace Back to Basics | The PaceBack to Basics | The PaceBack to Basics | The PaceBack to Basics | The Pace

Here I am—back to America and the basics of life here. No more gallivanting off to another country for the weekend or casually passing the Colosseum on a run. I obviously miss Rome and everything I did during my semester abroad, but I am also a big fan of routines, so I am enjoying getting back into one here. I refuse to believe that the “basics” of everyday life are boring—every day is a new opportunity for joy, happiness, love, and adventure.

Just like the basics of life are exciting, so are the basics of style. If you look in my closet, you will notice it is overwhelmingly black and white, the two most basic colors. But black and white are the opposite of boring—they are exciting and provide opportunity to create so many different looks.

So with my black and white closest and my post-study abroad lifestyle, I am looking forward to the adventure, thrills, and entertainment that this life has to bring me. Who’s with me?



White Sleeveless Top (Similar)/Forever 21 High-Waisted Shorts

Throw Caution to the Wind

Smirk Side Crop 2Fun Down Crop and SharpSmirk Front Crop 2No Touch Portrait Crop 2Fave BlurryHand on Head Front Crop 1 Sharp
Taking a risk is scary. There is no doubt about it. Gathering your reservations, worries, and cautious anxieties into a bundle and throwing it into the wind, knowing you can’t get it back, is never easy. But in many circumstances, it’s worth it. I’m not talking about risks like standing in the middle of train tracks (don’t worry, we kept an alert eye on both sides at all times during this shoot!!) or wearing high heels during an ice storm. The risks that are worth taking are the ones force us out of our daily routine and comfort zone. They introduce us to new places, new people, and new ways of viewing the world. These risks bring out parts of ourselves that we never knew existed, because we haven’t needed them yet.

Being a risk-taker doesn’t mean you live a risky life; it means you weigh the opportunity for growth and excitement as being more important than fear. This is the mindset I am adopting as I prepare to take on my newest risk: studying abroad in Rome. I have never been out of the United States, so just the idea of an overseas flight is enough to give me butterflies! Add to that a new city, a new language, a new apartment, new classes, and a new internship, and this experience definitely qualifies as somewhat terrifying. Everyday, I am feeling more and more ready to take on this risk, but for now, I’ll just stand in the middle of these train tracks (freezing my buns off!) in this amazing hat and cardigan from Forever 21. Come on, people…Rome wasn’t built in a day 😉

I would love any packing or studying abroad tips, as well as recommendations for places to go in Rome! Feel free to share your knowledge with me!



Forever 21 Hat/Forever 21 Cardigan/Pac Sun Tee/American Eagle Jeans/Boots

Live in Color

Live in Color | The PaceLive in Color | The PaceLive in Color | The PaceLive in Color | The PaceLive in Color | The PaceLive in Color | The Pace

The Christmas decorations are put away and the New Year’s sequins are back in the closet, but I refuse to believe the fun is over. The end of the holiday season does not mean we must surrender to dull colors (and attitudes). Trust me, I love neutrals just as much as the next girl, but this month is all about fresh starts, and nothing says fresh to me like a pop of color.

This dress from Target is the perfect way to break up your winter neutrals. The color palette is warm enough for winter and pairs beautifully with dark tights, but when the weather (eventually) starts warming up, I can definitely see this lil’ baby looking lovely among blooming flowers. Unfortunately, this pattern isn’t available online (I bought it in store a few days ago, so I’m sure it’s still there!), but both patterns online are just as cute!

How are you bringing color to your life this season?



Target Dress/Booties (old-similar)/Urban Outfitters Bag (old-similar)/NYC Lip in “Sugar Plum”

Get a Clue

Get a ClueGet a ClueGet a ClueGet a ClueGet a ClueGet a Clue

Maybe it’s just me, but this trench coat makes me feel like I should be doing some major sleuthing. When I was a kid, I used to put on my robe detective coat whenever I lost something and carry out a full-on investigation until it was found. I guess I’ve just always had a touch of Sherlock in me 😉

On a more practical note, this coat is amazing. It is water repellant and has a removable liner, which makes it extremely versatile for many kinds of weather. Word to the wise, these coats run on the larger side so if you are in between sizes, order a size down (for reference, I am wearing an XS)!

Hope you all had fabulous New Year’s celebrations and are enjoying a wonderful start to 2015!

Calvin Klein Trench Coat/Coach Tote/Scarf (crotcheted by my lovely mother!)/American Eagle Jeans

New Year’s Edge

New Year's EdgeNew Year's EdgeNew Year's EdgeNew Year's EdgeHappy New Year! Can you believe it’s almost 2015?! 2014 has been such an incredible year, filled with so many opportunities, blessings, new experiences, and joy. Remembering all that has happened over this past year gets me so excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in the next 365 days. New Year’s Eve is a celebration of the past year, but at the same time, a party that toasts to new beginnings and resolutions. This outfit is my way of doing both. I celebrate 2014 dressed in black, my favorite color of the year (and the year before, and the year before…) and with a red lip, the trend I finally adopted this year and totally fell in love with. With my favorite leather jacket and heels, I step into the new year with a strong, fearless attitudeready to be bold, go against the grain, and take on new challenges. Watch out 2015, I’m comin’ for ya!

I hope your New Year’s celebrations are a blastfull of laughs, memories, and fun. Stay safe, and I will see you in 2015! 🙂

Black Lace Tee (similar)/ Forever 21 Faux Leather Jacket (similar)/American Eagle Jeans/Sequin Clutch (similar)/Forever 21 Black Pumps (similar)

Holiday: Merry Little Black Dress

Merry Little Black Dress Merry Little Black DressMerry Little Black Dress

Reason #762 that I love the holidays…they are a reason to dress up! With dinners, parties, and other gatherings, the holiday season is full of occasions to make your outfit as festive as the spirit in the air!

Dressing up for the holidays doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money on new clothing; you probably have everything you need for a perfect holiday outfit in your own closet! For this look, I started with one of my (many) black dresses and then added a green scarf and red lip to achieve the holiday look!

So, get creative! Break out your glitter and sparkles, red and green, and silver and gold. And don’t forget the most important part of your look…a smile! After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂


What are your holiday plans this year?

Dress (similar)/H&M Cardigan (similar)/American Eagle Scarf (Similar)

Black + White + Stripes All Over

IMG_5725IMG_5724 IMG_5709

I have an obsession with stripes, especially of the black and white variety (as you can see from this post!). This cardigan from Caralase has completely won over my heart and will get a lot of love this fall. It’s comfortable, totally cute, and can either be dressed up or dressed down. What isn’t to love?

Caralase Cardigan/American Eagle Jeans/Booties (similar)/Bag (similar)/DailyLook Necklace

Fall Break Style

It’s Fall Break, which means midterms are over (finally!!), and I have some much needed time to relax and enjoy one of my favorite times of year with my family. On our first night together, my mom and I whipped up a fall favorite for dinner…butternut squash soup (look out for the recipe coming to The Pace soon!!). My mom is also an avid reader of The Pace (so supportive 🙂 ), so while we were grocery shopping, she reminded me to pick up a pumpkin to cross off Number 3 from my Fall To-Do List: carving a pumpkin!

One of my favorite things about fall is layering. This sleeveless top (similar here) transitions perfectly from summer to fall with the help of this over-sized cardigan (similar). The secret behind this look? It’s borrowed from the boys! My boyfriend, Eric, was about to toss this cardigan from Zara into the donation box when I convinced him to donate it to my closet instead ;). Now, I wear this cardigan with everything—dresses, sleeveless tops, tee shirts…you name it! It’s the perfect layering piece.


What’s your go-to layering piece? Let me know in the comment section!

Zara Cardigan (similar)/Top (similar)/American Eagle Jeans/Booties (similar)